Snare Drums

Pearl Ian Paice Signature Snare 14x6.5 inches

Pearl Ian Paice Signature Snare

When Pearl brought out the Paicey, there was no option but to get one, as Ian Paice is a bit of a hero to me. The drum itself is similar to a Ludwig 402, and a fairly heavy beast, stainless steel, with internal muffler device. It's fitted with a Remo Weather King coated on the batter side. Recently added a 20 strand sound blaster pure snare wires which brought it even more to life. I like it tuned high with a bit of snare rattle and ring to it. This baby sings!! There's plenty of info around on Paicey and if you get a chance to catch Purple live - you should. The pearl website has some good stuff on his set up and the snare, so follow the link to the Pearl Ian Paice Signature pages.

Highwood Birch/Maple Snare 14x5.5 inches

Highwood Maple and Birch Snare

It's good to be able to support UK drum manufacturers and Gareth and the lads at Highwood make some brilliant drums. They are a custom drum manufacturer and it's well worth having a look around their site. This has an Evans coated batter, similar to the Remo Weather King coated. I tend to tune them all fairly tight, but the thinner wood shells offer a lively resonance and recently it's been my snare of choice. Ghost notes sound great, and it's a joy to play. Check out the full Highwood range of drums and services at at Highwood Drums.

Ludwig Acrolite Snare 14x5.5 inches

Late 70s Ludwig Acrolite

This is a late 70s vintage, with the shell made of aluminium construction, giving a lively sound. This also had some snare wires from Tiki Drums added, and like Highwood these guys are doing some great work in the custom drum field, in the UK. I managed to get this from the states when the dollar exchange rate was very favourable. This has a Remo Weather King coated, can you see the pattern now, and Ive used it a little bit. Like the Highwood, a little lower in volume that the Paicey but very sensitive with a good cutting tone.

Premier Brass Modern Classic Snare 14x5.5 inches

Premier Modern Classic Brass

I've not used this one too much, but fancied a brass to give a vary in tone. Usual heads fitted, and I really need to do more with this one. It's got a more mellow sound being brass, but needs some time spent to get it tuned nicely and really get the most of what is a very nice drum.

Premier 35 Snare 14x5.5 inches

Old faithful Premier 35

For many years through the 80s this was my one and only snare drum. A classic premier piece of superb British drum manufacturing. The usual drum head config that I like and have it tuned tight with plenty of ring. Digg Facebook FriendFeed Google LinkedIn LiveJournal ma.gnolia Mixx MySpace NewsVine reddit StumbleUpon Technorati Twitter
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