About BrucelTheDrummer

Brucel has been drumming for a wee while now. He has been in a number of bands, all original material, and equally mince when it comes to making cash. The bands through the years highlights a few major changes that have taken place over the past 20 years, both in live and recording work.
It's now possible to make a reasonable recording of a bands with the D.I.Y method, such as done with the ShadesOf tracks. This was tracked part by part using a digital multi-tracker. Whereas the Eliot Vey tracks were done with the whole band playing live, one take, two tracks, stereo left and right!
The gigs we used to do in the 80s, only involved a single band, no kit share to deal with then. Also no "pay to play", if you were good enough you got the gig, if not - see ya!
You would need (or like Exoreon buy) a van and a PA. The venues were empty rooms, no house PA or drum kit in the old days
There seems to be a lot more bands now, perhaps less barriers to entry, with some bands not having their own gear. Anyway, I hope you find some of the archived stuff interesting and maybe just a bit amusing as well.
If anyone fancies a farewell re-union tour of Japan, drop me a line.
I hope you enjoy my band trip (man) as much as I did putting all together. My one nearly ever present musical companion is the wee man or the big man, well Doug on guitar. Since I've been in Suicide Underground, we've not played together, but he's had a break from my enthusiasm/intensity and I think we might be ready to write another chapter. If we do, it'll feature on the site. All the pictures on the site are thumbnails that when clicked, link to larger full size beauty!

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