Brucel The Drummer's Bands - Past and Present

I was very active in the 80s with Eliot Vey, Exoreon and finally Victorian Kitchen. All these bands were Glasgow based and played the usual haunts at the time, The Burn's Howff, Shadows and the Doune Castle to name but a few. All my bands had Doug, my brother, on guitar and vocals.

I Pretty much took the 90s off when it came to playing live, or actually drumming for that matter. Around the late 90s me and Doug started to think about maybe doing some stuff with just two of us. We'd use sequenced bass and keyboards, ShadesOf was born. We set up

In 2005, things took a long time to progress, we got together with a keyboards player and bassist, and ShadesOf - The Band - was now in existence. Differences in goals caused the band to call it a day in mid 2007, after only three gigs.

Suicide Underground at the Cathouse

So, in 2007 I thought I'd answer some ads - "drummer wanted". One that looked interesting was Suicide Underground. Their myspace looked and sounded good, and after a few stops and starts I finally met up with the band and we had a bit of an audition. That went well and in I joined. I was with them until February 2009. I'm beginning to work on some collaborative material with different people, and might even try and take a hand in the writing process, now that I've gone to the dark side, and "got meeself a geetar".

After a few false starts things have crystallised into two firm projects: Machinary and The Grand Tour. Both great to play in, and very different in content and approach to writing. These two came together over the summer months of 2009, so check under the Bands Tab to see what's happening.

All the bands listed have good memories for me, some decent music and a good few dodgy photos. Check out the different bands in the "Bands" category. Digg Facebook FriendFeed Google LinkedIn LiveJournal ma.gnolia Mixx MySpace NewsVine reddit StumbleUpon Technorati Twitter
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