Machinary was born in July 2009, but the gestation period has been much longer than that.
Doug Levick, Al Kerr and Bruce Levick were the nucleus of progressive metal band, Exoreon, in the mid 1980s.
The idea behind the new band is to write original songs, with an "anything goes" attitude.
Attempting to keep the ideas a plenty and padding to a minimum, this is a true "less is more" approach.
For the last year or so Machinary have been busy writing and arranging a sequence of songs that logically
fit into an album's worth of material.

With the help and encouragement of a top design company, JamesAylin Design, the band are excited about
the complete musical and artwork package that has become the initial Machinary release. A initial two track single release has been made via for onward distribution to major download outlets.
The plan is to make all the material; music and artwork available on download format.
The music part of the download is now available from the usual outlets, Itunes, Amazon MP3 and Machinary CDBaby Page.

The track images and lyrics are available from this website, under the Track Images and Lyrics pages. Sample tracks are available here and on CDBaby. It's now early October 2011, and Machinary have been hard at it in the studio, and we have the pictorial evidence
from some studio snaps, to prove it. The song count is now up to 15. All songs are written in the rehearsal room, everybody brings bits in, then these are moulded through jamming the pieces through, and taking words (mostly) from Al's big book of lyrics.
Click on the images for a bigger picture.

Bruce on the Mapex Kit
Al on the bass
Doug on the Guitar

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Machinary release two new single tracks

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